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Friday, April 26, 2013

The Importance of The Handshake!

We don’t touch people very much, do we? Apart from our nearest and dearest, we do our best to avoid physical contact with others. Even in a crowd, we breathe in, twist and turn our bodies, do anything we can to avoid the horror of human contact. No wonder we like stroking cats!

Almost the only time when it is ‘permissible’ to touch another person is when we greet them: the handshake! It’s an almost universal custom amongst the human race. OK, there’s a bit of nose-rubbing in the igloos, and some Europeans seem to like performing all sorts of unspeakable rites, but generally, it’s the handshake.

It should come as no surprise therefore that the whole panoply of The Human Condition is reflected in this brief (sometimes not-so-brief!) moment. There are many different handshakes, and every one of them carries hidden meaning.

For a lot of interesting (and often humorous) information about all this, type ‘different handshakes’ into Google, and take your pick!

In our business, we meet a lot of people of course, and we think about these things carefully. More importantly, we send a lot of people to job interviews, and we are very conscious that those interviews may well be truly golden opportunities in our candidates’ lives. How sad it must be therefore, for people to lose those golden opportunities because they gave the wrong impression in the very first moments of meeting their potential employers.

In our advice about how to prepare for interviews, and how to do well in interviews

we advise: To create a good first impression – stand up straight, walk briskly towards the interviewer, smile and shake their hand with a firm, dry handshake. Do not crush their bones, do not hang on too long, do not use both hands, and do not clutch the end of the fingertips. Use the interviewer’s title and surname: How do you do Dr. Jones, I’m pleased to meet you.

With a bit of luck that should equip you to present yourself as a confident, amiable person. But a bit of research will help you to understand more about the person standing opposite to you!

The Importance of The Handshake!

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