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Monday, December 09, 2013

Time Honoured Seltek Christmas Competition!

The Editor’s gone mental!

Firstly because he’s got these Christmas messages, expressions and phrases all muddled up; and secondly because he’ll give a bottle of fine champagne to the person who can solve the anagrams, and send him all the correct phrases, and a box of chocolates to the runner-up!

  • D F Cham says he loves Twitter

  • A tiger train reappeared

  • Cane paella gloom to dwindle

  • Horrid proud teen needs her LED

  • F M Lee  hates the broth

  • Like a full piggy wedding

  • Meet her swine

  • That Scrooge! That’s PM’s fish!

  • HR quest seems a cheating mess

  • Pan charms hairy Wren, Pam, yesterday way of a tie-breaker.. first prize will go to the best anagram of this greeting:

Seltek wishes everyone a Very Merry Christmas!

The closing date for this competition is 13/12/13.Winners will be announced in the January issue of the Hotsheet and we aim to contact the winners with their prizes prior to Christmas.

Click here to enter the competition!

Time Honoured Seltek Christmas Competition!

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