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Monday, March 23, 2015

Sales | Drug Discovery | South East UK

  • Would you like to work for a spin-out with proven technology?

  • Are you keen to develop business for new genomic data technologies?

This small start-up company has spun out of a major institute where their incredibly exciting technology was developed! This can be sold into the drug discovery and clinical research markets. They are able to collate next generation sequencing data from various sources, analyse it and provide a clear simple result. This will enable pharma companies to easily use large pools of information to help them to develop and test new drugs.

Many patient samples have already been run on this system in hospitals throughout the UK so it is clear that the system works well. Now the company is ready to commercialise and develop business for both the system and a service.

This company is made up of a small team of 12 people, this has grown significantly from just 3 people a year ago! They have a lovely team culture and as they are expanding have plans to move to brand new offices with space for them to grow next year. One of the first commercial hires is to be for sales into the pharmaceutical market for drug discovery and clinical research.

As this is a small company you will be responsible for varied tasks and will spend time both with potential customers and in the office working with the team. You will need to be prepared to take your initiative and come up with ideas as you will be one of the first people in this type of role within the company so processes are not in place. This is part of the challenge but also will be very exciting as you can make a real difference.

This will give you the opportunity to grow and develop with the company; they plan to hire several people into their commercial team this year.

If you are currently selling into the drug discovery market, ideally with experience in genomics and/or pathology and feel that you can work well in a small start-up environment call Caroline on 01279 657716 or

Sales | Drug Discovery | South East UK

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